Thursday, October 23, 2008

regarding student films

My buddy Matt Brasch has some short films in the can that he's going to start debuting online next week. Here's a taste, along with some words from the man himself:

Next week (Oct 27 - Nov 1) I will be posting a new video each day that I have been working on at school. Each video is different in style, format, and content. Please check some of the stuff out. If you do not like one of the films one day, do not be discouraged to come back and check out others because, like I said, they are all completely different. If you like what you see please subscribe to my youtube account. The main reason that I am uploading all of these videos in a row is to hopefully gain some viewers. I have a project that is due on Monday, November 2nd and my grade is based upon how many views I get online.

To start you off, I just uploaded an experimental documentary that I made about being broke as fuck on the road. I used footage from the past summer tour as well as some other footage from previous tours. Enjoy and give me some feedback.

You can check out more stuff from Matt on his YouTube page, and be sure to check out his band, The Wonder Years.

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