Thursday, March 26, 2009

regarding The Rentals in 2009

So while I've been sitting around like a schmuck trying to think of something nice to say about the new Ace Enders album and secretly waiting for the follow-up to 2007's The Last Little Life EP, Moog enthusiats The Rentals have been busy planning an ambitious multimedia artistic statement for 2009. Check out for some info about Songs About Time, a title which reflects both the subject matter and the fact that, yeah, it is about time the world got some new Matt Sharp jams. The project consists of three main parts:

1. Photographs About Days - 365 photographs plus one roll of undeveloped film shot each day by Matt Sharp.
2. Films About Weeks - 52 short films with music and scores exclusive to the films.
3. Songs About Time - three mini-albums to be released in April, July, and October as digital downloads.

You can score these beauts in three formats:
1. Digital download
-DRM-free mp3s
-music videos
-digital artwork and computer-y thingies like wallpaper, banners, and icons

2. Limited edition box set
-multiple 180 gram vinyl box set
-original artwork
-DVD video collection of Films About Weeks
-CDs o' music
-The whole is individually numbered and autographed by The Rentals

3. Limited deluxe edition (a.k.a. - The one I fucking want. 365 copies will be produced. Please don't let this be a Ghosts I-IV all over again. My heart can't take it.)
-All the stuff from the box set
-One undeveloped roll of 35MM film taken by Matt Sharp for the project.
-Two V.I.P. backstage passes to an upcoming Rentals show of your choice.
-More info to come April 7.

If you join the band's mailing list (click "Music Store" on the site), they'll send you a free song from the project, "Fall Into Eve," plus some photos. The song is a brief instrumental, but it sounds gorgeous. So uh... go download it. Now.

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