Saturday, May 23, 2009

regarding other people's blogs.

Justify FullIf you're like me, you assume that every living writer besides MEEEEE and Chuck Klosterman is a dumb-dumb. As it turns out, my friends are good writers too. Sometimes. My former boss Erin Brodbeck started a super-secret fashion blog called tour de fab. I'm more of a band tee/pants-bought-from-Kohls kinda guy, but she's got insights into looking like anything other than a stoned-out crumb-bum, so that's something.

My Husky Justice associate, Nate Adams, is back on the bloggin' bandwagon after we both got not-paid at our not-jobs at the not-newspaper People's Xpress News. Hit up Left of the Dial for reviews of bands I hate too much to bother writing about.

Nick Gregorio finally started updating his literary blog Infinity's Free Throw Line again. His latest is a super-depressing yet slightly uplifting story about post-education malaise in the Philadelphia suburbs. I identify with everything in the story because he's writing about places and people I know, but I think anyone stuck in a 20-something rut should be able to grab hold of the gist.

Oh yeah, and check out the rest of my chicas to the right. Under "chicas." UH-HUH.

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