Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Reveling - '3D Radio'

Let’s talk influences. There’s this guy named Bruce Springsteen. Maybe you know of him. He wrote some catchy tunes about working class misfits in the ’70s. And the ’80s. Then he kind of sucked in the ’90s but then he got good again. Anyway, he influenced a ton of bands, including The Gaslight Anthem. Oddly enough, they’re a punk band, but they blend Bruce’s knack for classic rock and evocative lyrical imagery into their songs. They’re pretty big right now. Not “Bruce big,” but TGA certainly carries some weight in the punk community. You can definitely hear their influence on Brooklyn band The Reveling on their self-released EP, 3D Radio, which is funny. Here’s why:

Reveling drummer Jay Weinberg is the son of Max Weinberg, drummer for The E Street Band, a.k.a the backing group for Springsteen. Everything is connected! The only downside: When your band recalls Bruce freaking Springsteen and The Gaslight Anthem, how the hell do you match the hype?

3D Radio sounds like TGA circa Sink or Swim with a dash of Social Distortion dirt. They don’t top those bands, but they also don’t fail to earn those comparisons either. Listeners get four uncomplicated yet gritty songs in the punk/classic rock hybrid vein. Weinberg sounds good on a kit, but he’s also played “Born to Run” in stadiums, so it’s expected. More weight falls on Sean Morris anyway. Weinberg might be “the name,” but Morris is still the frontman, and these songs live and die on his strengths and faults.

As is, Morris recalls TGA frontman Brian Fallon quite a bit on these rollicking tunes. Time will tell if he finds his own voice or remains a clone, but for now, The Reveling is worth checking out. Again, they draw the connection between Springsteen and Gaslight. How could you not be interested?

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