Monday, March 1, 2010

regarding combinations of things I like.

-That right there is the new Next Big Thing baseball tee. I love shirts with 3/4 sleeves and I love my punk rockin' buddies. As you can see, my nipples are erect with excitement over this Deal in Stereo. The shirt sells for $15; the band's delicious debut Condense the Nonsense, which named the second best EP of 2009 [NOTE: It was me. I did it.] is now retailing for $5. Bring a crisp $20 bill to Panico's (530 N. Cannon Ave. Lansdale, Pa.) Sat., March 6 @ 9 p.m. and you could buy these things directly from the band. Also, bring $5 for the cover charge. That way you can, uh... get inside. And see NBT live with Run For It and Honah Lee! Besides, the bar offers free peanuts. If you eat at least $25 worth of peanuts, it'll be like all the ticket, CD, and shirt were free!

-Loyal reader and bandmate Nicholas Charles Elmer has officially chosen this mash-up of DMX's "X Gon' Give It to Ya" and the Ghostbusters theme as the Official Anthem of the Nicholas Charles Elmer Funeral-thon Party Blast (Date TBA). I've recently been getting rid of my remixes - so long, Beastles, Jay-Zeezer, those 100 slightly tweaked versions of Nine Inch Nails' "Sin" and "Head Like a Hole" - but this mash-up is beautiful in its simplicity. Plenty of hype has been given to stuff like The Grey Album, in which Danger Mouse reworked Beatles samples to provide new tunes for old Jay-Z rhymes, but ultimately I'd rather just spin something like this: A goofily aggressive rapper ranting over one of the best songs the '80s ever produced. This is the early contender for Best Song of 2010. Thanks, Internet!

-You can stream tunes from the upcoming Joe McMahon (Smoke or Fire) and Brendan Kelly (Lawrence Arms) split, due out March 16. Get stoked on it.

-...uh, anybody know where I can find the new Crime in Stereo album? Besides mail order/Internet piracy, please.

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