Monday, July 19, 2010

Get Laid - 'Pretty Weathered'

Allston, Mass. act Get Laid slings thrash punk all over the place with Pretty Weathered. Boasting six songs split evenly on 10-inch clear red wax, it’s one of the better EPs released this year. Frontwoman Shannon Stiches is a force, recalling Fahrenheit 451’s Armando Bordas just as much as she does Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna. The rest of the band is just as frenetic, punching through hardcore ‘n’ crust moves. Fans of any band featuring Stza Crack ever will be down with this stuff.

Weathered opens with the punishing assault of “Yours Truly.” “FU Barbarian” gets a little more thrash metal, alternating between chugging and finger-tapping guitars before ripping out a breakdown. “Triage” opens with a drum part which the band builds on; I could see this one being extended live to great effect. The flipside contains three more fast jams. This gang of guys (and a gal) might get depressing lyrically (lines like “Alcohol will help me numb the pain” and “I better not gamble on myself” leap through the jumbled roar), but the music rocks too hard.

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