Friday, September 17, 2010

myPod: Introduction

My girlfriend gave me a new 160 GB iPod for our anniversary. I had previously been using an 80 GB model, but it ran out of room earlier this year. Since then, I’ve been making some pretty tough calls to conserve space. Same goes for my physical collection – I rearranged my room to accommodate all of the CDs I’ve collected over the years. It’s time to scale down. My goal is to reduce my CD collection to about 2,000 albums. I own so many CDs that I sometimes go years without listening to them, and that needs to change. Yeah, I just doubled my digital storage, but it’s time to make some tough calls. How much of the Drive-Thru Records catalog do I need to keep? How many Nine Inch Nails remixes?

myPod is my attempt to reconsider my music collection. It won’t have a set update schedule; I’ll be lucky to complete this idea within a year. It will mostly run through my music collection in alphabetical order, with box sets preceding. It will probably rip off Noel Murray’s Popless column for the A.V. Club.

Time to make some tough calls.


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