Monday, July 18, 2011

regarding failure. it turns out I'm not moving in with my fiancee after all. The apartment we were supposed to move into on Friday was trashed when we toured it (sales office still tried to get us to sign the lease several times before checking it out, though!), so we opted out. Michelle and I lost a couple hundred dollars between the two of us thanks to application fees and utilities, but that's not so bad.

On the plus side, my music collection, having been boxed up 'n' unpacked from Point A to, well, Point A again, is now better organized than ever before. My records all fit on one book shelf. I built the 1,000-capacity CD shelf I bought for the apartment, Coupled with my other storage, I realized that, thanks to myPod, I've cut down my CD collection to just under 1,500. My original goal was 2,000, so that's a victory. I'm going to keep cutting. Part of me wonders if I can limit my collection 1,000 of my absolute favorite albums.

The downside to this weekend is that I'm back to saving mode. My music consumption has cut down partially because I was saving up for "the big move," something that I must resume. It's embarrassing, since readership to my stupid little blog has actually gone up recently, even though I'm not producing nearly as much content as I used to write, but there you go.

So here's the deal: I'm going to crank out whatever I feel like whenever I feel like while I scramble to get my living arrangements squared away. I recommend ya'll check back maybe once a month? Unless you want to read Vinyl Vednesday exclusively. I mean, that's cool too.

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