Tuesday, August 23, 2011

regarding Science Club's status

Two things:

1. My band Science Club played a terrifically sloppy show in the woods on Saturday. This guy Frank hosted it, and the dude lives in front of a haunted hayride. No joke. Tons of bugs, but it was a good time. We opted to play mostly new material, because we never do, and it's really time we started showing off our ever so dense catalog. We hardly ever play most of our songs, which is why they were so sloppy but ya'll fuckers should feel honored anyway.

2. When I wrote "new material" above, I meant "songs not on our upcoming EP Failure Ballads. The art is nearly done. The liner notes are on the tips of our writing utensils. We took a power lunch last week to hammer out the deets. Nate and I wore suits. Nick, ever the rank amateur, showed up late in a business casual outfit. UNBELIEVABLE. We argued loudly in front of children. We drank deep. We wrote checks and we tasted the bolder life.

Anyhoozle, the EP is coming out this fall.

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