Tuesday, January 20, 2009

regarding Barack Obama.

I've got CNN on mute and Rock Against Bush Volume 2 on the stereo. It's still somewhat hard to believe that this day ever came. We finally have our first half-white president; but more importantly, I finally have a president I believe in. He's the first presidential candidate I've voted for that actually won.

I've been watching the coverage on and off. I loved Barack Obama's speech. I even loved that he flubbed his inaugaration oath. I love that, for all of his campaign promises about hope and change, Obama is being a realist about the work ahead. He knows that he could easily become another Jimmy Carter - an idealist overcome by his nation's bad economy and restraint - but he's not going to go that route easily.

But while I'm relieved to see this transition of power go smoothly, there's a part of me that also feels disappointed. Obama's "team of rivals" approach to building his cabinet leaves me wary. Mostly, though, I think I'm just bitter that George W. Bush got away. I want him brought up on war crimes. I want him incarcerated. Until then, I'll always have satire and rock albums.

Records I'm spinning today to celebrate Barack Obama's new presidency:
-Against Me! - Searching For a Former Clarity [for Condoleeeeeeeeezzzaaaaa]
-Face to Face - Face to Face [for reminding me that "everyone can't be right / but everyone will decide" in 2004. I did not lie down. I did not walk away]
Green Day - American Idiot [C'monnnnn]
-Bruce Springsteen - The Rising [here's your hope]
-Various Artists - Music for America and Moveon.org present Future Soundtrack for America
Various Artists - Rock Against Bush Volumes 1 & 2

ALSO, if you want one of those Obama/Bowie shirts above, e-mail James Heimer at bitch01@comcast.net. $15 per.

Finally, please enjoy this modest gift of a YouTube clip. Expect more music-y posts tomorrow.

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