Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christian Bale remixxx

By now you've prolly heard about Christian "Batman" Bale's latest anger issues. And that's not music-related, so I won't bother explaining/linking it if you're unfamiliar. BUT WHAT IS MUSIC-RELATED (AND KIND OF AWESOME) is this remix of Bale flipping his shit by DJ RevoLucian. He's also producing RuPaul's new album, Champion. Huzzah! I'm a celebrity blogger now! I'm gunnin' for ya, TMZ! In other news, Jessica Simpson is of a controversial weight! And Britney Spears has mind problems! AND AND AND howsabout that Michael Jackson, huh? You know what I'm talking about. With the kids.

...he diddles kids, you see! S'what I heard.

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