Monday, February 16, 2009

regarding gang vocals.

Last night I recorded some gang vocals with my friends in The Next Big Thing over at Dome Sound Studios. We did five takes of singing for one song (Anyone who's played non-Megadeth songs with me on Rock Band knows that sounds like a bad idea, but I didn't fudge the song up too bad, oddly enough) and five takes of guttural skull-crackin' screamin' on another. It was a lot of fun, and my head hurt from all the shoutin'. I don't know how my more hardcore acquaintances do this stuff year round.

Anyhoozle, three things I wanted to mention: 1) I sound badass for four seconds of this recording. 2) The guy recording/mixing the whole sheboinga is Rich Gavalis. He's worked with Bloodhound Gang, Chumbawumba, and Vanilla Ice when he switched to nu-metal. He's got over 50 gold records to his credit; I have no idea why he's working with my crumb-bum friends. 3) The new Next Big Thing album, whenever it comes out, will be awesome. You will laugh at the skits. You will pump your multiple fists to the rockin' bits. And you will cry, when you realize that it's over and you have to play the album again. I know these are my friends and I'm therefore biased, but whatever. The rough mixes sound incredible; it could be pressed as is and still be some of the best pop punk this side of Face to Face.

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