Wednesday, September 30, 2009

regarding Sunny Day Real Estate live.

Up until last night, I'd say I was pretty OK with not getting to see Sunny Day Real Estate's show at the Trocadero tomorrow. Then I saw the band perform "Seven," the first song of Diary and therefore the song that made me love them forever (Batman Forever excluded), on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Got-damn these guys sound good. So jealous.

Side note: Anyone else feel Fallon's show succeeds in spite of him?

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Signup said...

Here is the video since yours got took down.

While I always thought Jimmy was kind of annoying, he's tolerable. The Roots are awesome. The part about the show I hate is all the youbook and facetube stuff about it. The show would be a lot better if stopped all the SNL skit crap, the web 2.0 crap, and the over the top obvious catering to generation Y or whatever the fuck marketing calls college kids and teenagers these days.