Monday, April 26, 2010

regarding the first two Science Club shows.

The mid-20s fail brigade that is Science Club made its live debut last night at Temple University - for charity! We played five songs, three of which were covers. We made mistakes, but the 50+ kids in attendance didn't seem to care much. They laughed at our jokes, except when Nate talked about Star Trek and the devil. We wore Power Ranger shirts and played enthusiastically. This set was 20 minutes long. Afterward we crammed ourselves into Nick's car and listened to Fang Island to celebrate our not-failure (is that... victory?).

Then we played an acoustic basement show for a victory lap. We (or at least I) drank cheap beer and played for about an hour. Drunk and/or stoned kids stopped by, but for the most part we were just playing for Liz (Nate's girlfriend), Angelina (Nick's girlfriend), and Erin (who had homework to do but stayed anyway because she is twee and twee people are polite). I stood with a snare drum and cymbal - Violent Femmes style! - and danced, although it made me lose the beat a few times. It was a silly, stupid night. We decided that for acoustic shows we will be known as Study Hall.

Also we ate delicious pastries. Here are the things that define Science Club:
1. Unprofessionalism.
2. Desserts.
3. Star Trek.

My goals for Science Club:
1. Open for The Next Big Thing. Steal at least half of their songs.
2. Charm the pants off of hipster teens, then take their money.
3. Eat more ice cream.

I like this band a lot.

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