Tuesday, April 27, 2010

regarding Hole's 'Nobody's Daughter.'

I promised my girlfriend I wouldn't knock the new Hole album, because she's the sexy boss of my heart. So here's a link to stream Nobody's Daughter, which dropped today. If you have a Facebook profile, click the "like" button to access the stream.

I'll say a few things, though:

1. It's not as bad as Courtney Love's acoustic AOL session led me to believe.

2. There are too many ballads.

3. She's still clearly writing about Kurt Cobain.

4. A small handful of the tracks are the best songs she's written in 12+ years. If Love had written a few more tracks like "Samantha" and "Skinny Little Bitch," I would have been very, very stoked on this album.

5. Oddly enough, she's starting to sound like Bob Dylan. How the hell did that happen?

Now go make your own decision.

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