Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boris Smile - 'Rockets EP'

On their new EP Rockets, indie folk band Boris Smile tackles the stars. While their new science fiction-themed CD doesn’t quite top the bears-obsessed Beartooth EP, it still delivers the same playful lyricism.

Well, it delivers that eventually. Track one, “Satellites,” consists of three minutes of noise and radio signals. It would make for a decent 10 or 20 second intro, but 180 seconds is too much of a commitment. Save the audio loops for “Revolution 9,” thanks. “Adventures With Rockets [Revisited]” makes up for this stumble, though. Frontman A. Wesley Chung whips out lovelorn lyrics about making out in outer space over Evan Trine’s propulsive drumming. Backed by an orchestra, the band rocks the heck out over the most awesome of dates.

The rest of the EP subverts that enthusiasm, to its detriment. Still, there’s something redeeming about quasi-Weakerthans-ish tracks like “Apollo” and “Are We Alone?”. The disc ends with the way-too-long “8.24.06 (The Humbling of a Planet)”, but props to the band for attempting something more epic. Rockets could use some more propulsion, but it’s still a better than average collection of tunes about the final frontier.

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