Wednesday, February 16, 2011

regarding new Foo.

For their last three albums, Foo Fighters have promised to rock harder every time. Then another album comes out and they're all like, "Oh we'll totally rock harder this time.!Last time was bullshit!" Granted, they've only made one truly bad album (the last one, the one with the stupidly long title), but I rolled my eyes when I read their press release and they again promised to rock more efficiently.

Then Scott showed me the video for "White Limo." This song rocks. It rocks hard. It rocks so hard that it's actually noncommercial, which secretly means it's better than anything that's popular. And the video is hi-larious! And it's got Lemmy from Motorhead! That guy rocks hard too!

I'm not saying "White Limo" is indicative of the new Foo Fighters album overall. Nor am I saying it should be. What I am saying is that this video reminds me that, sometimes, the world can be an alright place.

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