Wednesday, September 24, 2008

...a Series of Tubes #4

Hey kids, stop illegally downloading the new Dillinger Four album and check out some totes legal shit. Here's a poop-ton of stuff to check out:

-Spin is offering "Atomic Hells," the first single off the new Secret Machines album, fo' free fo' one week. And of course, be sure to check out "Dreaming of Dreaming," a free, non-album cut that rocks butts. AND AND... AND... you can stream a couple other tracks from the band's eponymous thirdskie record at their street team's Web site.

-Ben Folds is streaming his new album Way to Normal on his MySpace. I'm kinda iffy on the single, so hopefully this'll change my mind before shit drops 9/30.

-Do you like to emote? My close associate Soupy del Soup is giving away the cream de la awesome from his old band, The Premier, via his blog.

-Don't get an office job! Not a download, but it's still free.

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