Monday, September 29, 2008

...a series of tubes: BK n Jawbreaker

-OK, so you know how I wrote like 30 seconds ago about how much I like Adam Pfahler? Well I just found out he's in a new band called A Black Light. Click the link for demos. CLICK FOR THEM!! I'm halfway through the first song, "One Last Swing," and honestly I'm too excited to properly review it.

-I recently scored a copy of Ben Kweller's self-released EP Freak Out, It's... Ben Kweller. Shit's been out of print for like eight years, so I was glad to finally get my hands on a physical copy via eBay. And of course, less than a week after Freak Out came to my house, I found Willfully Obscure, a blog offering free downloads of both Freak Out and an earlier EP called Bromeo, which I didn't even know existed. Obviously, I'm only passing this along because the albums are no longer commercially available. Now go out and buy Sha Sha!

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