Sunday, September 28, 2008

...a series of tubes #5

Welp, folks. Ol' JTP is temping at an office job, which means less time to write and even less time to be on time, so I'm just going to throw up content whenevs, which in the case of finding online goodies, makes sense anyways.

Anyhoozle, The Rentals, they of Weezer spin-off and "Friends of P." fame, released their first new song in over a year. "Colorado," an online compilation track, is available for streaming over on the band's MySpace site. Allegedly, you can download it somewhere, but that somewhere ain't offerin' it just yet. That's a dang shame, since "Colorado" is a fun lil fuzzy ditty about driving West through the great American expanse, searching for a sense of newness and vigor. Or something.

In all seriousness, though, The Rentals need more hype, because they write way catchier songs than anything going on in mainstream pop right now.

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