Monday, February 22, 2010

Castevet - 'The Echo and The Light'

[EDIT: I just found out from the band's publicist that this album is on hold for a minute. Expect bonus tracks and a new label soon!]

Geez, Castevet, why you gotta be so awesome all the time? It feels like you just dropped Summer Fences and now you’re already back with another kick-ass collection of post-hardcore charmers. Sure it’s just an EP, but dang it, four guys that make up Castevet, The Echo & The Light is some fine stuff.

Oh sure, in a lot of ways, the EP feels like just a continuation of Summer Fences. The band still sounds like a mix of Braid, Appleseed Cast, Envy, Latterman and Mogwai, which doesn’t seem like conflicting comparisons when Castevet is actually playing. The guitars are still noodly and unafraid to explore atmospheric areas not usually associated with Hot Water Music-esque bands, as seen on “Midwest Values” and “Cities & Memories”

At the same time, though, the EP definitely feels more aggressive than Summer Fences in places, again in reference to closing track “Cities & Memories,” but especially so on “Lautrec.” It’s an aggressive punk stomper the whole time, shredding faces like they’re delicious parmesan cheese [Note to self: Do not write while hungry]. It’s also only 2:50, which is short for a Castevet song.

So I suppose The Echo & The Light is somewhat of a placeholder in the best way possible. It’s anthemic, it’s airy, it’s awesome. It makes me want to go steady with Castevet. I don’t care who knows it and I don’t care how many more releases they churn out rapidfire, dammit, I’m in love.

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