Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Cold Beat / Movers & Shakers - split

Here’s a DIY story for ya: The fellows in the Cold Beat and Movers & Shakers paid for their seven-inch split by shoveling snow. Given that they all hail from the Boston area, they probably moved a ton of crystalline water ice. Their status as good neighbors warrants a spin or two for their split.

Cold Beat kicks the four song collection off with “Absolute Zero” and “Tracks” with all the flair of early Thursday (circa Waiting) mixed with Piebald. It passes by well enough, but could use more punch considering the band’s style. “Absolute Zero” starts promisingly only to peter out. “Tracks,” though, comes off more fully formed with its dirty, slinking bass groove guiding the listener through the atmospheric verses, driving choruses and guitar solo.

Movers & Shakers take over the B side with “Movin’ On” and “An Original Idea.” Both tunes are in the Replacements/Lucero vein – jangle-y punk rock that’s earthy enough to appeal to those outside of the mosh pit. The music is assured and steady, although charmingly laid back compared to the Cold Beat’s side.

Given that three out of the four tunes here are decent, perhaps you’ll reward the bands’ hard winter work with a listen?

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