Sunday, July 26, 2009

regarding My Bloody Valentine and Weezer

-Head over to The Walrus to download three new old My Bloody Valentine tracks. These demos are remastered; to be honest, I'd have thought they were finished recordings based on how good they sound. My favorite of the bunch is "Cowboy Song."

-Pterodactyl Squad was hosting a Weezer tribute album made using 8-bit video game sounds, but their bandwidth seems to have died, most likely because the comp is flippin' sweet. While a few of the artists involved cheat - Anamanaguchi's "Holiday" cover in particular is basically the original with some blips - for the most part it kicks ass, NES-style. Highlight: Listening to "El Scorcho" while playing the X-Men 2: Clone Wars ROM. Is it possible for my favorite 1996 moment to come from 2009? Check out the comp's blog for clips, at least until someone else starts hosting this beauty. I never thought I'd have to assert the existence of a "definitive version" of "We Are All On Drugs," but Rabato's version rules.

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