Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats announced the Oct. 6 release date (not to mention the very existence of) The Life of the World to Come. It's gonna be Bible-themed, which isn't surprising if you're familiar with John's work. But he's also never gone this full into Biblical territory, as each song is named after a passage. The Goats' Web site has the album's third track, "Genesis 3:23," up for download.

Some theories percolating about the record, based off this taste:
1. It won't be too Jesus-y. You don't have to know that "Genesis 3:23" references the Fall of Man ("The LORD God therefore banished him from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from which he had been taken," quoth the Good Book), but it might help. Being a TMG super-fan and a (supposed former) Irish Catholic survivor/apologist, you know I'm going to do a lot of reading. So, dad, if yer reading my blog today, good news. I've got my St. Joseph medium size edition New American Bible sitting next to me right now.

2. It's going to be mellower than Heretic Pride. Not Get Lonely-somber, but this song is definitely not a rocker. John describes the album as "twelve hard lessons the Bible taught me, kind of."

3. I'm gonna be honest... this song is good, but I'm not so sure it's enough to launch the record ahead of The Horrors or Morrissey. But who am I kidding... ya'll know I'm gonna spin this baby right round.

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