Tuesday, August 4, 2009

regarding Chunksaah Records and charity.

Maybe it's just an E.C.F.U. thing, but Chunksaah Records has been one of my favorite indie labels for about eight years now (which is also about how long I've been into punk music). Run by The Bouncing Souls and their friends, the label's put out phenomenal work from The Measure [SA], Static Radio NJ, Sticks and Stones, The Loved Ones, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Strike Anywhere, the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones and, of course, the Souls themselves over the years. While they might not be well-known as Epitaph or Fat Wreck, their impact on my life is nearly incalculable. Simply put, my life would've sucked without Maniacal Laughter or Addicted to Bad Ideas.

Which is why I want to help hype a series of charity auctions the label is/will be running this summer for Rich Cunningham, founder Happy Days Records. Dude worked with Hot Water Music, Ink & Dagger, and more back in the day, but now, thanks to a vicious bout with cancer, his medical bills are stacking up. So, Chunksaah is selling off some super rare records in order to help the guy out. Right now they've got test pressings galore. It's too late to bid on the Loved Ones' debut EP test pressing, but there's still some stuff from Strike Anywhere, W/IFS, and das Souls. More stuff is going to go up in the coming days and weeks.

Basically, it's an excuse to spend a shit-ton of money on kick-ass, rare records by building up good karma.

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