Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friends of Friends - 'Deep Search'

Me: RIYL Man! What are you doing here?!

RIYL Man: Zounds abounds, I’m here to recommend things, based on the assumption that you like other things! For example, if you like saving the environment, preharps you would enjoy composting your own feces!

Me: That’s gross! You’re gross!

RIYL Man: Not gross; just actual and factual, my young ward. Hey, do you enjoy Hot Water Music, O Pioneers!!!, and the late, lamented sounds of Latterman?

Me: Boy Augustus do I! I love those bands more than certain family members! More than Dubliner cheese even!

RIYL Man: Well then strap in, my darling faced boy, because I recommend to you here and now a band that comprises the qualities of all three bands. They’re punk, they take their name from Flight of the Conchords… they are… Friends of Friends!

Me: Hold on, you’re telling me that if I act now, I’ll get the tote bag, the giraffe grater, a lifetime supply of raw milk, and a band that blend’s Latterman’s energy with Hot Water Music’s power? Why, that’s a deal in stereo! But surely it must cost like a bajillion dollars, right?

RIYL Man: First off, I never promised a giraffe grater. Second of all, no! No, no, no, foolish lad! Everybody knows friends share things! That’s why Friends of Friends are giving away their album Deep Search for free, through the Internets! They just love you so got-damned much, you ungrateful little shit.

Me: You’re scaring me, uh, RIYL Man.

RIYL Man: I’ll tell ya what’s scary, how great this album sounds. Hell, even if it sucked, you’d still get yer money’s worth. Deep Search boasts 10 tracks of guitar-laden, No Idea-esque, Florida punk. Play it for your cool older brother because it’ll remind him of his skater days, play it for your folks because it’s relatively profanity free, play it for that girl you like because she will think you are a smart man for recognizing the beauty of Friends of Friends. When she hears the heart-rending intensity of “Enough Was Enough” and the nihilistic, religious tones of “Stillness Illness,” she will realize that you listen to good music, and that you must therefore be awesome. It’s the transitive property in action, my juvenile Jelone.

And hey, maybe you’ll dig the band for their use of funny samples in between songs. But surely you’ll be entranced (ENTRANCED!) by the gruff vocals, pounding drums, and copious amounts of rock. Some of it will make you want to dance (“Desert Bed”) and some of it will make you want to jump up and down with your fist raised like you are at a rally, a rally for fun (“Land of Left Behind,” “Some Kind of Fake”). Also at this rally there will be funnel cake.

Me: Neat-o skeet-o, Big Bombino! I’m gonna do something with my life and download Deep Search today!

RIYL Man: Kiss me.

Me: Yes sir.

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Mr. Dogg said...

That was silly!

You are silly!