Thursday, May 13, 2010

regarding things I am excited about.

-The Next Big Thing advanced to the third round in a battle of the bands tournament. Round Three is going down on the Trocadero main stage, which is kind of a big deal. Tix = $14. There are an ass-ton of bands playing, but inside sources told me NBT is expected to go on around 3:10. That's a great set time for those of us looking to be in bed by 4 p.m. sharp! So hey, Internet friends, let's take the train into that big ol' city and show Chinatown how we get down with the drunkest, punkest friends I know - the Next Big Thingers.

Seriously, though, I'm all about getting drunk in the afternoon and then heckling my buddies.

-Amy Czulada, a former classmate of mine, wrote 50 songs about 'Merica with a buddy of hers named Rob for their honors project. I'm pretty stoked on it - she wrote 50 freakin' songs! They're of the charmingly lo-fi indie/folk/twee variety, although the duo occasionally gets all fierce 'n' loud as well. Sufjan Stevens can suck a big ol' wiener, 'cause Amy beat 'em at the U.S. history game. E-mail to hear the project for free. Click here for a taste.

-Have you seen the new Pains of Being Pure at Heart music video? It's starts off all cute 'n' twee-like until a girl walks into a room full of furries. Then shit gets weird. Still cute, but kinda weird. Also the Pains have a new single coming out next month. My pseudo-goth heart is filled with anticipation.

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